56% of Y is 182. What is Y?

Y has to score 40% marks to pass. He gets 20 marks and fails by 40 marks. The maximum marks of the exam are?

Which of the following two ratios is greater 17:18 and 10:11?

285 is summation of 3 numbers. Ratio between 2nd and 3rd numbers is 6:5. Ratio between 1st and 2nd numbers is 3:7. The 3rd number is?

A man got Rs. 130 less, as simple interest, when he invested Rs. 2000 for 4 years as compared to investing Rs. 2250 for same duration. What is the rate of interest?

In 3 years by compound interest, a sum becomes Rs. 900. But in 4 years by compound interest, the same sum becomes Rs. 1000. What is the sum and the rate of interest?

A walks from points Jammu to Delhi and at the same time B starts walking from Delhi to Jammu. After passing each other, they complete their journeys in 361 hours and 289 hours, respectively. Find the ratio of speed of A to that of B?

Amit covers a distance at a speed of 24 km/hr in 6 min. If he wants to cover the same distance in 8 min, what should be his speed?

Ram is three times as old as his Sam. 2 years ago he was five times as old as Sam. What is the present age of Ram?

The average age of a group of 4 friends is 36 years. The youngest friend amongst them is 6 years old. What was the average age of the group at the time of the birth of the youngest friend?