According to the Fenske equation, what will be the minimum number of plates required in a distillation column to separate an equimolar binary mixture of components A and B into an overhead fraction containing 99 mol% A and a bottom fraction containing 98 mol% B ? Assume that relative volatility (αAB = 2) does not change appreciably in the column ?

During the constant rate period of drying of a solid ?

Humidification involves mass transfer between a pure liquid phase and a fixed gas, which is___________________?

As the reflux ratio, in a continuous counter-current extraction is increased, the number of stages_______________________?

Large scale drying of sugar is done in a _______________ dryer?

H2S is being absorbed in a gas absorber unit. The height of the transfer unit based on the overall mass transfer coefficient on the gas side is 0.4 m. The equilibrium data is given by, y = 1.5 x. The bulk concentration of H2S has to be reduced from 0.05 to 0.001 mole fraction in the gas side. The height of the tower (in meters) corresponding to an operating line given by, y = 5x + 0.001 is ______________________?

Experiments were conducted to determine the flux of a species A in a stagnant medium across a gas-liquid interface. The overall mass transfer co-efficient based on the liquid side for dilute systems for the above was estimated to be 4 × 10-3 kg mole/m2.s. The equilibrium data for the system is given as y = 2x. The flux across the interface (in kg mole/m2 .s) for bulk concentrations of A in gas phase and liquid phase as y = 0.4 and x = 0.01 respectively is _________________________?

When the gas to be dissolved in liquid is a/an ___________________ then normally co-current adsorber are used?

_______________ equation applies to diffusivities in liquids?

The relative volatility of a binary mixture at constant temperature _________________ the total pressure?