Which of the following is not used as filter aid ?

Which of the following mechanical conveyors does not come under the division „carriers‟ ?

Particle size range in which dust catcher (gravity settling chamber) works most effectively and efficiently is ______________ microns?

Height of liquid in agitation tank is normally maintained equal to the tank diameter. However, if the tank is too tall and a large liquid hold up is desired, then two or more impellers mounted on the same shaft may be used. The clearance between the tank bottom and the bottom most impeller should be about (where, D = impeller diameter) ?

Angle of nip of the crushing rolls does not depend upon the_______________?

Which of the following grinding mills has the horizontally arranged rods as the grinding elements thereby delivering more uniform granular products with minimum fines ?

Flow of filtrate through the cake in a plate and frame filter press is best described by the ______________ equation?

Filtrate flow rate in case of a rotary drum vacuum filter (in which Rm < < Rc) is proportional to ____________ and the cycle time (where, μ = filtrate viscosity Rm = filter medium resistance Rc = cake resistance)?

Which of the following agitators having a large blade area, rotating at slow speed is used for mixing high viscosity liquids (> 50000 centipoise) ?

The specific surface of spherical particles is proportional to (where, Dp = diameter of particle)?