Suppose that a war is fought will biological weapons. The weapons destroy people but not capital. What is likely to happen to equilibrium wages and rental rates after the war when compared to their values before the war ?

An increase in the price of automobiles shifts the demand for autoworkers to the ?

A competitive profit-maximizing firm should hire workers up to the point where ?

An individual firm’s demand for a factor of production ?

A decrease in the supply of farm tractors will cause all but which of the following ?

What will a decrease in the supply of fishermen do to the market for capital employed in the fishing industry ?

For a competitive profit-maximizing firm, the value-of-the-marginal-product curve for capital is the firm’s ?

If a factor exhibits diminishing marginal product, hiring additional units of the factor will ?

When capital is owned by the firm as opposed to being directly owned by household capital income may take any of the following forms except ?

Which of the following is not true with regard to workers who have a high value of marginal product? These workers ?

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