A critic of “Shock therapy” to transition economies. Vladamir Popov, contends that shock therapists put a heavy emphasis on ?

Privatization refers to a range of policies including ?
I. changing part of a public enterpris’s ownership to the private sector
II. Liberalization of entry into activities previously restricted to the public sector
III. two infant industries merging into a monopoly
IV. franchising or contracting public services or leasing public assets to the Private sector

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) are also called ?

The industrial concentration ratio is the proportion of an industry’s output ?

In 1979-80 China first created _____ for foreigners to set up enterprises hire labor and import duty-free goods for processing and re-exporting ?

Structural economists from the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA) emphasized ?

Countries facing a persistent external deficit can ?
I. borrow overseas
II. increase trade restrictions and exchange controls
III. undertake expansionary monetary and fiscal policies
IV. Undertake expenditure-reducing policies

S = Savings, I = domestic investment, X = exports of goods and services, and M = imports of goods and services Which of the following is true ?

Countries with chronic balance of payments deficits eventually need to borrow abroad often from the ________ as the lender of last resort?

Pathologies endemic to the Soviet bureaucracy included secrecy formalism cumbersome procedures rigidity and the tendency to concentrate on control rather than performance The party controlled The state by using the ____ the power to recommend and approve managers in administration and enterprises, of appointments and promotions to control access to government positions ?

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