If people have rational expectations a monetary policy contraction that is announced and is credible could ?

Refer to Exhibit 6. Suppose the economy is Operating in long-run equilibrium at point E. An unexpected monetary contraction will move the economy in the direction of point ?

Refer to Exhibit 6.Suppose the economy is in long-run equilibrium at point E. A sudden increase in government spending should move the economy in the direction of point ?

Refer to Exhibit 6.If People in the economy expect inflation to be 3 percent and inflation is 3 percent the economy is operating at point ?

A decrease the Price of foreign oil ?

Which of the following would shift the long-run Phillips curve to the right ?

According to the Phillips curve, in the short run, if policy makers choose an expansionary policy to lower the rate of unemployment ?

Along a short-run Phillips curve, ?

The original Phillips curve illustrates ?

If a country’s policy makers were to continuously use expansionary monetary policy in an attempt to hold unemployment below the natural rate the long-run result would be ?

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