Which of the following is not associated with a p-n junction?

Thermal runaway is not possible in FET because as the temperature of FET increases_________________?

A change in the value of the emitter resistance Re in a differential amplifier?

In a p-n junction diode under reverse bias , the magnitude of electric field is maximum at_____________?

A constant current signal across a parallel RLC circuits gives an o/p of 1.4v at the signal frequency of 3.89KHZ and 4.1KHZ .At the frequency of 4KHZ,the o/p voltage will be___________?

The bandwidth of an RF tuned amplifier is dependent on____________?

Most of the linear ICs are based on the two-transistor differential amplifier because of its___________?

A dc power supply has no-load voltage of 30v,and a full-load voltage of 25v at full-load current of 1A.Its output resistance & load regulation ,respectively are_____________?

A 741-type OP-AMP has a gain-bandwidth product of 1MHz. A non-inverting amplifier using this op-amp & having a voltage gain of 20db will exhibit -3db bandwidth of__________?

In the differential voltage gain & the common mode voltage gain of a differential amplifier are 48db &2db respectively, then its common mode rejection ratio is__________?

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