The Rawalpindi city council started a publicity campaign for convincing the people to use public transport rather than their own transport in the city. After two months later there was a decrease in private transport on the roads in the mid city area. The city council claimed that their publicity campaign was successful to convince people to leave their cars at home and ride the city bus service to work. Which of the following if true creates the most serious doubt on the conclusion drawn above?

Dr. Subhans Extensive clinical trials of the new herbal drug Podine have demonstrated that Podine is effective in slowing the rate of aging in mer. Dr. Talib disagrees and cites a recent study suggesting that Podine is also to chemotherapy or other cancer treatments. Dr. Talibs response suggests that he has interpreted Dr. Subhans statement to mean that

In an examination Rizwana has more marks than the Fauzia. Shugufta has fever marks than the Zahid. Fauzia and Abid have more marks than Shugufta. If the above is true which of the following must also be true?

Many people do not read the books they purchase. For example seventeen percent of college students in Pakistan have text books but only forty-five percent of them read more than once a yea and only seventeen percent read more than once a week. Which of the following if true casts doubt on the claim that most people read the books they purchase?

Asmat Chughtai is considered by many literacy critics to be one of the greatest Indo Pak writers of the 20th century if not of all time. However her sexist attitude posturing have made her less popular than some of her contemporaries among todays readers. If the statements above are true all of the following must also be true EXCEPT.

Although we may be exposed to all the various types of music - classical folk jazz rock and country over the course of a lifetime the type of music we loved as adolescents will always be our favorite. Which of the following if true would most seriously weaken the argument above?

In his book Black Thief Mr. Kashif claimed that when fellow writer Mr. Salman remarked to him. The rich are different from you and I Mr. Kashif responded by saying Yes they have more money. All of the following conclusions can be reasonably drawn from the above EXCEPT.

Beginning at the end of 1965 war the enormous expenditure on arms that the Cold war forced on both Pakistan and India while having no obvious effect on the quality of life in Pakistn resulted in a considerable decrease in the quality of life in India. This in turn led to general dissatisfaction disappointment in the Indian social system and ultimately the dismantling of Indian government. Which of the following if true most seriously weakens the argument above?

The compulsory training for city wagon drivers resulted in a reduction in fatal accident rate over the past two years. Compared to the five-year period prior to the compulsion of the training fatal accident rate decreased by 25 percent. Which one of the following if true most substantially strengthens the argument above?

Although many alien sightings have been claimed by people of doubtful reliability there have been a significant number of sightings by intelligent people. It is reasonable therefore to assume that aliens exist and that they usually come to the earth. All of the following if true would severely weaken the conclusion of the argument above EXCEPT.