As per section 10, of the Muslim Family laws Ordinance, 1961 where no mode of payment of dower is prescribed in Nikah-nama or marriage contract the entire amount of dower shall be presumed to be ?

The decision made by the Chairman in matter of maintenance can be revised before__________ through filling application for revision?

Dissolution of marriage otherwise than by talaq is provided in section________ of Muslim Family laws Ordinance, 1961?

Within_________ days of the receipt of notice under section 7(1), of the Muslim Family laws Ordinance, 1961 the Chairman shall constitute Arbitration Council for reconciliation ?

Section 7 of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 deals with ?

Under section 6, the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance if a person in subsistence of an existing marriage want to contract another marriage he is bound to get permission from ?

Section 6 of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, _________ with Shariah?

The Punishment for contravention with section 5 of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, is ?

Under section 3, it is provided that Muslim Family laws Ordinance, 1961_________ the other existing laws. If the existing law conflict with The Ordinance?

Every marriage solemnized under the Muslim Law, shall be registered as provided in?