If 200 students filled the form for entrance test and 180 appeared in the test out of which only 70% have passed the test then the number of students who failed the test are

If a handbag is priced at $200 and is sold at $160 then the percentage discount is

After getting 10% discount in shopping bill, $400 is remained to be paid. The original bill was

After reduction of 8% in water bill, $300 remains to be paid then original bill to be paid before reduction is

In a shoe factory, 2 2/5% shoes made are defective. If the company made 10,000 shoes then the number of defective pieces are

If a certain leather purse has marked price of $300 and 5% of value-added is imposed on it then the total amount buyer has to pay on buying it is

Ana runs a merchandiser store. She wants to buy 500 note books for her store. She will get 300 note books for $2500. The next 200 note books are for $4 per notebook. If the total cost for note books is $3300 and 12% discount is given then the total cost for note books is

By converting 72% into fraction, the answer will be

If Peter earns $3500/month and spends $3000 while Paul earns $3800/month and spends $2900 then out of Peter and Paul, the one who spent more (in percentages and names) is

If cost of jewelry set is increased from $800 to $1150 then %age increase in the cost price is

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