The term management accounting was first coined in

The second term for Horizontal Analysis is

Vertical analysis is also known as

Time value of money indicates that

Time value of money supports the comparison of cash flows recorded at different time period by

When the concept of ratio is defined in respect to the items shown in the financial statements, it is termed as

The definition, “The term accounting ratio is used to describe significant relationship which exist between figures shown in a balance sheet, in a profit and loss account, in a budgetary control system or in a any part of the accounting organization” is given by

The relationship between two financial variables can be expressed in:

Which of the following statement is true about Funds Flow Statement?

A) It highlights change in funds of a firm at different point
B) It highlights change in funds of different firms at a single point
C) It highlights change in funds of different firms at different point
D) It doesn’t highlights change in funds

In the context of Funds Flow Analysis, the word “funds” is used to define

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