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One purpose of LITERARY CRITICISM is described below: “The historical approach, for instance, might be helpful in addressing a problem in Thomas Otway’s play Venice Preserv’d. Why are the conspirators, despite the horrible, bloody details of their obviously brutish plan, portrayed in a sympathetic light? If we look at the author and his time, we see that he was a Tory whose play was performed in the wake of the Popish Plot and the Exclusion Bill Crisis, and that there are obvious similarities between the Conspiracy in the play and the Popish Plot in history. The Tories would never approve of the bloody Popish Plot, but they nonetheless sympathized with the plotters for the way they were abused by the Tory enemy, the Whigs. Thus it makes sense for Otway to condemn the conspiracy itself in Vencie Preserv’d without condemning the conspirators themselves.” What purpose does this prescribe to ?

A. To help resolve a question, problem, or difficulty in the readin

B. To help decide which is the better of two conflicting readings.

C. To enable to form judgments about literature.

D. All of the above answers are correct.

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