What per cent is 42kg of 336 kg?

A scores 10% and fails by 30 marks. B scores 40% marks and gets 30 marks more than the minimum marks needed to pass the exam. What are the maximum marks for the exam?

The 3rd proportional to 18 and 54 is?

Ratio of two numbers is 3:8. On adding 5 to both numbers, the ratio becomes 2:5. Which is the smaller number out of the two?

1/5 part of an amount was given at 3% simple interest, 1/3 part was given at 5% simple interest, 2/5 parts at 9% simple interest and remaining part at 11% simple interest. The total interest received was Rs.297. How much amount was originally given?

Rs. 400 is simple interest for a sum for 4 years at 10% rate of interest per annum. Find the compound interest for the same sum at same rate of interest for same time period?

Ajay and Vijay travel from A to B at 17 km/hr and 19 km/hr, respectively. A is 72km away from B. Vijay reaches B first and returns immediately and meets Ajay at C. Find B to C distance?

A father is 4 times as old as his son. 8 years hence, the ratio of father’s age to the son’s age will be 20:7. What is the sum of their present ages?

The present ages of A and B are 42 and 36 years, respectively. After K years, the ratio of ages of B to A will be 15:17.What is value of K?

P can do a work in 30 days. Q is 25% more efficient than P in completing the same work. In how many days will Q complete the work?