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Which of the following statements best describes the worldview represented by postmodern theater ?

A. The world is a bright and interesting place.

B. Universal truth doesn’t exist, and audience members must discover truth for themselves.

C. The world is so complex that it does not require literature or theater.

D. Mainstream audiences are so shallow that it is not worth writing plays for them.

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In “Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays”, what does William Hazlitt mean when he states the following: “We do not like to see our author’s plays acted, and least of all, ’Hamlet’. There is no play that suffers so much in being transferred to the stage” ?

A. Hamlet cannot be staged properly because of the complexity of the play’s use of language.

B. Hamlet is not relevant to the Romantic age.

C. The role of Hamlet cannot be properly played by any actor.

D. Hamlet is a work that was written to be read, not performed.